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Upgrade Program

Self Protection System

Imported Helicopter

Imported & Exported
Armed Product Sales

Upgrade Program

Upgrade Program

- MC-130

- KA-32, UH-60, KA-1, B-737, Hawker800

MC-130 Program

Special Purpose C-130H Modification
Volume: US $ 00M
Unit: 0

Installed and Modified Equipment

- Multi-Mode Radar

- Forward Looking Infra Red

- High Speed Low Level Air Delivery System

- Satellite Communication

Self Protection System

Self Protection System

- C-130    

- CN-235

Installed and Modified Equipment

- Radar Warning Receiver

- Counter Measure Dispenser System

- Missile Approach Warning System

Imported Helicopter


Anasat / KA-226T

- Light Utility Multirole Helicopter


- Medium Multirole Helicopter
- Most Powerful in its class

Mi-172 / 172A2

- Large Multirole Helicopter
- Most cabin Space Best Value in its class
Imported & Exported
Armed Product Sales

Imported Armed Product Sales

- KA-32A4 Helicopter

- IL-103 Basic Trainer Aircraft

- T-80U Tank

- BMP-3 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Exported Armed Product Sales

- Security System

- Ground Force Weapons

Medical & Health Business

Medical & Health Business

- Welfare Device for the aged

- Electric Medical Bed

- Assisting Device for the desabled

- Rehabilitation Assist Equipment

Health Business

- Exercise

- Gym Equipment

- Outdoor Exercise Equipment

About RH Focus
Focus Global’s subsidiary company specializing in helicopter sales, maintenance, consulting and training

Russian Helicopter Maintenance

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Customer Training & Education Manual & Bulletin Management In-house Stocks
Forest Aviation Coast Guard Fire Service National Police National Park Air Force Commercial Operator
30 units 8 units 4 units 3 units 1 units 7 units 9 units
Powerful performance and flight safety in structural advantages of Russian Helicopters enables to execute multirole mission.
It’s performance and technology is being developed continuously.